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Oregon Truss is expanding our team of dedicated professionals. We have invested heavily in technology, our facility and automated equipment over the past 4 years. Our new systems are more ergonomic, reliable and efficient, allowing us to produce more volume at a lower unit cost. Our capacity has more than tripled, allowing us to commit to customer needs with better lead times, while enabling us to enjoy substantial growth.

If you want to grow with a dynamic team, Oregon Truss is your kind of company.
We continuously renovate our manufacturing facility, increasing our capacity and improving quality. This enables us to provide the best response time in the Oregon market area.Our innovative component manufacturing lines are capable of efficiently producing trusses over 100 feet in length. Our design team has hundreds of years of combined experience, with the knowledge to design the most complicated and challenging systems. We use the most modern software platform that gives us the flexibility to design to your project’s individual needs. If it can be done, we can do it!

Why join our team? All full time employees are offered the following benefit options*

* Eligibility requirements may apply including, but not limited to, minimum length of employment, minimum hours worked and full time employment status.
** Eligibility and copay requirements apply
*** Benefit programs subject to change without notice

Our plant was redesigned from the ground up, giving us the greatest throughput and product versatility, with safer and less fatiguing work flow. The new office was designed with state-of-the-art health, comfort and productivity features. The structure shell is structural insulated panels (SIPs) with abundant, very high energy efficiency windows. A ground water heat exchange system runs through first and second story floors, with slow moving fans that keep the air circulating, without a detectable breeze. A variety of lighting gives our office excellent illumination, which perfectly complements our open, airy environment.

We invest in superior equipment. Our employees have greater productivity enhancing their participation in our productivity-based incentive programs.

Our founder, Wayne Beebe, has the philosophy of creating an environment where employees go home thinking “why would I want to work anywhere else,” which leads to them treating customers who will think “why would I want to get trusses from anyone else”.

** Potential Positions

Do you want to or expand your skill set to get to the head of the pack? We are seeking the best and brightest to join our team.

Grab The Best Opportunity, This Is It, Apply Now!