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About Us

Oregon Truss was founded by Wayne Beebe IN 1991. Wayne grew up in one of the families that pioneered the truss industry in the Western United States and brought that experience and passion for the industry to bear when he started his own truss operation near Salem. Wayne and his team built a company that supplies roof and floor trusses to a broad array of project sizes and complexity throughout the Pacific and Mountain West. What sets us apart is our ability to solve tough problems and provide exceptional value to builders on any type of project.

Oregon Truss is designed to be scalable and to ensure that we are there with capacity when you need it. Our innovative factory design allows us to quickly flex capacity up when the market expands, and our Design, Project Management and Sales teams are expandable because of our proprietary information management technology and the fact that our team is a group of hand-picked professionals from all around the country. Modern communications and network technology have allowed us to assemble one of the best teams in the industry because we select our people based on talent and qualifications, not on where they live.

The Oregon Truss way involves providing the best customer service available and coupling that with a high level of technical capability that shows up when we consistently take time and cost out of our customers’ construction projects and make them more successful.

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