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Specialty Trusses

You name it, we build it

Over the years we’ve been tasked with some pretty unique projects. With our creative team and great production line, there is no truss Oregon Truss can’t build. For specialty trusses in Northwest & beyond discover the Oregon Truss quality.

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Design Team
Facilities & Equipment
residential roof truss
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Custom Manufactured Trusses

Taylored to your every need, the benefits of our manufactured wood trusses are many. These rigid, engineered Trusses can span great distances, creating larger open spaces below unobstructed by columns and partitions. Roof truss systems are manufactured in controlled environments, so there’s less hastle. Save time, money, and headache by going with Oregon Truss.

we design, build, and deliver

Roof Trusses for All Building Types

SIngle Family Homes

Custom Production Builders
We take special care to ensure the accuracy of your components. Available delivery to the plate line. Delivered the day you need them!

Mutli-Family Homes

Custom Production Builders
Allow us to deliver your most efficient solutions, when you need them.

Commercial Trusses

Offices, Medical/Assisted Living
No job is too big or complicated for Oregon Truss.

AG / Equestrian

Barns, Covered Arenas, & More
Trusses available with spans 100’ and more.
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Roof Truss Information
Informational PDFs & Downloads on All Things Trusses
Builders want solutions that keep them on schedule, save time and are consistent. Fortunately over the last 25 years we’ve been able to refine are process to provide those results you’re looking for. Take a look at our Floor Truss PDF to discover our process and know our manufacturing quality stems from.
view some of our
Trusses in Action
We’ve had some phenomenal projects over the years. Things from small additions to huge apartment buildings and manufacturing facilities. Here are a few photos of Oregon Truss’s floor trusses in action. For the complete gallery, click the button below.

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